In Virginia and Kentucky


James Mitchell, son of William and Margaret Mitchell, married Euphemia Bower in Augusta County, Virginia, date unknown.

Augusta County Court, Order Book 18, September 16, 1783, page 130.
John Steel, Lieutenant of the 1st Virginia Regiment, made oath that Robert Bower, a soldier in the Continental Army, died in Charleston in August, 1780, and it is certified that Euphemia Mitchell, wife of James Mitchell, and Elizabeth Barnes, wife of George Barnes, are the only heirs (1).

James Mitchell himself may have served during the Revolution as a lieutenant, but no definite record of his service has yet been identified.


Thomas Mitchell, son of James and Euphemia Bower Mitchell, was born on Dec. 16, 1777, probably in Augusta County, Virginia, and as a young man moved to Shelby County, Kentucky.  On September 27, 1797, he was commissioned an ensign in the 18th Regiment of Militia (2).

Thomas Mitchell married Rebecca Ketcham on February 19, 1799.  Her parents were Daniel and Keziah Ketcham (3).  The couple then settled near the headwaters of South Fork Clear Creek (or Mulberry Creek), Shelby County, Kentucky.

Thomas Mitchell was a Shelby County taxpayer (4) and on January 4, 1801, Governor Garrod signed a still-extant document commissioning him as captain in the 18th Regiment.

In the years that followed Thomas gave much attention to religeous studies as he eventually became a Methodist clergyman.  He was ordained as an elder of the church by Bishop McKendra on an unknown date.  On October 13, 1809, Francis Asbury, Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church in America, made Thomas a Deacon.  In Asbury's words: "by the imposition of my hands and prayer, have this day set apart Thomas Mitchell for the office of DEACON..."  The ordination certificate, signed and sealed by the bishop still survives.

Thomas Mitchell served as Justice of the Peace for Shelby County sporadically for his entire life.  One of his actions was published. (5).

As the U.S. declaration of war in 1812 approached. Thomas Mitchell volunteered for service at Shelbyville on June 1 and was sworn in on June 15, being commissioned by Governor Charles Scott, a lieutenant in Capt. John Simpson's Company, 1st Rifle Regiment of Gen. Payne's Kentucky Volunteer Brigade.  On October 14, 1812, Governor Issac Shelby signed Thomas Mitchell's commission as Adjutant of the Regiment.  Thomas was also Chaplain of the Brigade.  His volunteer term of service was for 6 months.  After 6 months and 12 days, near the end of October 1812, Thomas resigned his commission honorably "in consequence of sickness." This is confirmed by his widow's 1850 and 1855 bounty land application.

The first Guardian Book of Shelby County shows that at the April 1813 Court, Thomas Mitchell was appointed guardian of Margaret Mitchell, orphan daughter of William Mitchell, deceased.  William is thought to be the brother of Thomas.  In 1815, Thomas Mitchell was one of the persons appointed to procure a new Shelby County Clerk's Office. (6)

By 1810 the Census for Shelby County showed the Mitchells had 7 small children.

Thomas Mitchell 33
Rebecca Mitchell 33
Children Under Age 10:
       Euphemia Bower Mitchell
       Keziah Lewis Mitchell
       Malinda Mitchell
       Daniel Ketcham Mitchell
       James Mitchell
       Pleasant Lorenzo Mitchell
       Sarah Mitchell



Three more children are shown in records provided by a Ketcham descendent and cited.
       Jane Eliza Mitchell
       Eleanor Wooden Mitchell
       Thomas Mitchell, Jr.
  Thomas Mitchell died September 20, 1818, in his home in Shelby County.


Daniel Ketcham Mitchell, Thomas Mitchell's son would go on to marry Mary Copeland in Shelby County, KY. on July 20, 1823.  They would have a daughter, Sarah Ellen Mitchell on November 2, 1831.  Sarah Ellen would then marry Joseph C. Taylor on February, 18, 1856.

WHERE IS JEFFERSON COUNTY? Daniel Ketcham Mitchell and Mary Copeland Mitchell are buried in Canaan Cemetery in Jefferson County, Indiana.
Mitchell and how this names relates to the author and his family.

1. James Mitchell b. unknown
 2. Thomas Mitchell b. 12-16-1777
  3. Daniel K. Mitchell b. cir 1800
   4. Sarah Ellen (Mitchell) Taylor b. 11-2-1831
    5. John Wesley Taylor b. 7-7-1857
     6. Joseph Harrison Taylor b. 7-20-1904



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Almost all of the information contained within this historical piece was provided by Carol Lee Copeland Thomas, great-great granddaughter of Rev. Thomas Mitchell and Rebecca Mitchell.
   Carol Lee Copeland Thomas
   Rt. 1 Box 18
   King City, Missouri 64463

Additional information by Charles M. Taylor, great-great-great-great grandson of Thomas Mitchell & Rebecca Mitchell.


Kezia (Keziah, Kesia) Lewis Mitchell, born August 11, 1801 near Clear Creek, Shelby County, Kentucky.  Married Edward Talbott Jr. of Shelby County, March 8, 1820.  The couple were recorded in the 1820 census. Edward Talbott age 31.  Kezia Mitchell Talbott age 18.  They were all noted as living next door to Rebecca Mitchell and the other Mitchell children

Kezia and Edward's first child (son) was born about 1821 and followed in a year or two by son James Fletcher Talbott (8).  The Talbotts left Kentucky about 1823 and resettled in Madison Township, Jefferson County, Indiana.  Their daughter, Elizabeth Standiford Talbott was born there in 1827.  In 1828 Edward Talbott died still owning land in Shelby County, KY.  The 1830 census of Jefferson County listed Kezia as head of the household.

Kezia Talbott 28
      1 female between 15 and 19
      1 female between 10 and 14
      Thomas E. Talbott age 9
      James F. Talbott between 5 and 9
      Elizabeth S. Talbott under age 5

The two unidentified girls living with Kezia are thought to be her sister Jane Mitchell (born 1814) and sister Eleanor Mitchell (born 1816).  The area where the family lived was S12 T4N R10E and about 4 miles north of the Ohio River and 1 mile east of what is now State Road 421.

On November 16, 1830, Jefferson County Probate Court recorded the sale of the personal estate of Edward Talbott listing the items: plow, saw, frow, drawing knife, auger, wedge, 2 axes, half-bushel (measure), hoe, whiskey barrel, 2 old barrels, pair of traces, collar, hames, bell & "sundry." churn, bedstead & cord, 2 heifers, cow, bay horse, jugs, wheat, field of corn, cradle [scythe], potatoes, saddle.  Five dollars was also received by Nancy Mitchell, who may have been a sister-in-law to Kezia.

On May 6, 1831, the court recorded that Kezia L. Talbott, administratrix of the estate and guardian of 3 heirs, Thomas E. Talbott, James F. Talbott, and Elizabeth S. Talbott, and collected neary $150 in Kentucky to be included in the funds to be divided in the final settlement.

On October 18, 1831, Kezia remarried to widower Francis Asbury Hite who was born in 1790 and had 6 living children from his previous marriage.  G. Taylor officiated at this event.  In September of 1834, Kezia loaned the $470 of the 3 child heirs for 1 year to John S. Talbott (Edward's brother).

On May 1, 1835, Kezia returned to court and renounced her guardianship over her children.  Thomas E. Talbott, around age 14, made the choice of Francis A. Hite as his guardian.  The court appointed Francis A. Hite guardian over James F. Talbott and Elizabeth S. Talbott as well and in return Kezia had to return the note on John S. Talbott.

In the 1840 census Kezia had borne 2 more children, by Francis Hite: Benjamin Hite (7) and daughter Margaret Hite (2).  Three more children arrived before the 1850 census.  They were Lucy (10), Charles (6), and Alice (4).  The 1860 census shows the death of Benjamin Hite in 1854.  The 1870 did not show the family but in the early 1870's Francis A. Hite had disposed of all real estate.  According to decendent, Charles M. Hite, Francis A. Hite had failed in business.  Francis & Kezia are thought to have then lived in Madison in a house built for them by Joseph C. Hite.  Kezia L. Talbott died October 17, 1876.


Nathanial Talbott was the administrator of his estate with Thomas Davis representing Thomas Mitchell.  The 1819 May Court of Shelby County sold Thomas Mitchell's belongings to widow Rebecca Mitchell, son-in-law Edward Talbott, Jr., and brother-in-law Daniel Ketcham, Jr. for the sum of $1000.95 in total.  The Inventory of Sale of Thomas Mitchell, Esq is listed as:

Bought by Rebecca Mitchell: silver watch ($6), dining table, large bible ($7), small bible, 1 lot of books, dictionary, looking glass, cupboard and furniture ($24), 4 beds & furniture ($37.50 $25 $17), trundle bedand furniture ($12), cradle & furniture, waiter (tray), lot of chairs, frying pan, tea kettle, 2 ovens, pot, spinning wheel, loom & c., churn, shovel & griddle, 2 trammels (pot hooks), 2 sets side saddle & bridle, man's saddle, 2 hoes, axe, lot of tubs, barrels, 2 sugar chests, sewing table, 2 trunks, flatiron, bundle of yarn, webs of thread, hand irons, 2 plows, 2 pair horse gear, slide, brown horse ($30), red cow, speckled cow and calf, brindle helfer, 7 first-choice sheep, one sow with 9 shoats, 10 second-choice hogs, 11 geese.

Bought by Edward Talbott, Jr.: set of Delft plates, table ($27.25), bed & furniture ($27.25)

Bought by Daniel Ketcham, Jr.: dining table ($10), 4 bottles, coffee mill, 2 sets side saddle and bridle, iron wedge, 2 steers, 10 fourth-choice hogs.  (Daniel Ketcham was also owed and paid in 1830 by the administrator $742).

Bought by Joseph Ketcham: Davis' Sermons (1 vol.), Wesley (1 vol.), Harding's Reports, Wesley's Notes (3 vol.), Fletcher's Checks (3 vol.), 1 lot of books, 2 spelling books, 2 sets of pewter plates, 3 Delft plates, dish & teapot, waiter and dish, 2 pair cards (?), tin sugar box, lanterns and candle molds, 2 axes, holsters & pistols ($6), rifle gun ($11.25), plow.

Bought by others: grey horse ($110), roan mare ($71), desk & bookcase ($35.50), 3 beds & furniture ($37.50 $35.50)