In Maryland

Unfortunately the early history of the Scearce/Scarce family in Maryland is still poorly known.
Originally Scras(e), this name seems to have been brought over to England during the Dane invasions of the 9th century.  It was known in Sussex, England, in recent centuries as it is now.


William Scearce is the first known member of this family to be on record in America.  He was listed as a taxpayer in 1773 of Upper Piscataway Hundred, Prince Georges County, Maryland.  It would appear that William died and later records show a widow, Catherine Scearce, and her children.  Only 4 sons' names are defineately known: Nathan born about 1741; James born about 1745; David born about 1746; and Shadrach.  Phillip Scearce is another possible son and shows on Revolutionary War payroll of 1767.

Catherine Scearce probably died in 1772 and there are documents related to her estate (1).  Son Shadrach was appointed administrator of the estate which was valued in pounds at 2.6.0 and included 1 horse, 1 small steer, 5 hogs, 5 sows, 7 pigs, 2 beds, and apparel, with debts, coffin (10 shillings), rent for 1771 in pounds at 2.6.0; tobacco fees due in pounds - 1.1.9; and certain amounts owed to David Scearce and others.


Sarah Scarce (or Scearce) was born about 1738 and probably was one of the un-named daughters of Catherine and William Scearce.  Sarah married John Lewis of Piscataway Parish about 1754.


Keziah Pigmon Lewis was born on December 30, 1755, in St. John's/Piscataway Parish, Prince Georges County, Maryland (2), the first child of John & Sarah (Scearce) Lewis.  About 1776 she married Daniel Ketcham of Washington County, Maryland (2).  Daniel Ketcham, Jr. is credited with patriotic service during the Revolution (3).  In 1784 Daniel Ketcham and Keziah Lewis Ketcham left Washington County, Maryland, with their two children, Rebecca and John, together with Daniel's parents, Joseph and Gertrude Ketcham. They travelled down the Ohio River on a flatboat with their movable belongings and landed at Louisville, Kentucky, in May 1784. At that time, Louisville consisted of a block-house -- a fort of logs and heavy timbers, with loopholes for musketry.

The Scearce name is also found as a middle name of Sarah Scearce Ketcham, daughter of Daniel Ketcham and Keziah Pigmon Lewis.

Scearce and how this name relates to the author and his immediate family.

1. William Scearce b. cir. 1720
 2. Sarah (Screarce) Lewis b. cir. 1738
  3. Keziah Pigmon (Lewis) Ketcham b. 12-30-1755
   4. Rebecca (Ketcham) Mitchell b. 8-26-1777
    5. Daniel Ketcham Mitchell c. 1805
     6. Sarah Ellen (Mitchell) Taylor b. 11-2-1831
      7. John Wesley Taylor b. 7-7-1857
       8. Joseph Harrison Taylor b. 7-20-1904


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