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We visited Whitmyer Biomechanix on the 29th and with the physical therapist decided on an....


Sporty look highlighted by exposed suspension, aluminum mag wheels and a wrap-around battery enclosure

The Basic Look

The Storm Series' basic frame is made from 0.150"-wall 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum-approximately 80%  to 300% thicker than traditional power chair frame componets. This component carries a lifetime limited warranty.

We chose.....
Frame color                               Seat color
Electric Red   Gray
Out of 9 frame colors.

Details On Suspension

Shock Fork Option - The shock fork utilizes elastomers which can
be changed to provide optimal absorption for all weight categories.

Standard Rubber Element  Suspension  - Independent rear-wheel  suspension is designed to absorb significant jolts and impacts.  For improved impact absorption and vibration control over uneven terrain, suspension package can be upgraded to the Monroe Spring Shock system. We are considering the Monroe® Rear-Spring Shock Option -  Independent rear suspension is vertically oriented for maximum shock absorption  Monroe Shock and Spring allow for up to 2 inches of movement to absorb impact and provide maximum clinical comfort and function

To provide additional power that today's active users need, the Ranger X utilizes a robust 4-pole motor. This incredibly
 durable motor package is approximately 30% more powerful than traditional motors.