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Dear Chuck and Cheryl:
Thanks for your email.  As you could tell by my comment in Saturday's Tallahassee Democrat, I agree with you.  It's clear that Byrd's proposal is about ideology and not anyone's public service to our state.  Otherwise, he would have proposed LeRoy Collins or Reuben Askew or Lawton Chiles Parkway.
However, even with those fine alternatives, the fact remains that Apalachee Parkway has been and should remain the name of this key roadway.  It celebrates our heritage and history.  Most important, we chose it.
I'm considering proposing that we place on a fall ballot a referendum question for voters to decide if they want to retain "Apalachee Parkway" or let some legislator decide what to name it.  Please let me know what you and your friends think about this idea.
Please also know that, with your help, I will continue to protect our self-determination and self-respect.
Best wishes,
Bob Rackleff