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Lora Ellen Dixon was born March 23, 1963 in Kendallville, Indiana.  Lora married Timothy Paul Carteaux on August 9, 1980 in Albion, Indiana.  Timothy Carteaux was born January 28, 1960 in Kendallville, Indiana.  Lora and Tim had 3 children: Adam Michael Carteaux born September 18, 1984; Matthew Scot Carteaux born June 4, 1986; Eric Paul Carteaux born January 12, 1988.  All children were born in Kendallville, Indiana.  The Carteaux family resides near Larry and Susan Dixon in Kendallville.

Lonny Scot Dixon was born November 9, 1964 in Kendallville, Indiana.  Married Patricia Jo Handshoe.  One child: Brody Dixon born March 11, 1987 in Kendallville, Indiana.  Lonny remarried to Sonya Marie King on February 17, 1990 at Little Flossy Church, Kendallville.  Sonya was born February 23, 1971 in LaGrange, Indiana.  Child: Dion McKinley Dixon born July 13, 1992 in Kendallville, Indiana.  Sonya and Lonny reside near Larry and Susan Dixon.

Miste Noelle Dixon was born January 3, 1976 in Kendallville, Indiana.  Miste married Jeff Lee Terry on February 4, 1994.  Jeff Lee Terry was born August 28, 1974 in Kendallville.