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Joanne Iva Taylor was born April 9, 1950 in Kendallville, Indiana.  Joanne married Robert James Barron on February 27, 1971 in San Diego, California.  Robert was born February 11, 1944 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Joanne and Robert are living in San Diego, CA.   Children: Robert James Barron born September 10, 1974; Shani Elizabeth Barron born February 16, 1977; Roger William Barron born May 18, 1978; Marvin Lee Barron born May 18, 1978; Jessica Joy Barron born August 16, 1984.

Shani E. Barron married Jaren Crawford on May 19, 2000.  They live in Laramie, Wyoming. Roger William Barron married Christine ????.  Children: James Gary Barron born April 5th, 1996 in San Diego, CA. Stephanie Faith Barron born October 30, 1999 in San Diego, CA.

Shirley Marie Taylor was born January 26, 1952 in Kendallville, Indiana.  Shirley married Steve Barker 9-17-1971.  Two children: Shannon April born June 25, 1972 and Daniel Lee born April 17, 1974.  Shirley remarried to Samuel Wayne Hicks October 11, 1974 in El Cajon, California.  Anna Marie Hicks was born to Shirley and Sam on September 17, 1976.  Shannon and Daniel were given the surname of Hicks around 1976. Sam and Shirley currently live in Salem,Oregon. EMAIL

Shannon April Hicks married Karl Daegling and they currently live in Portland, Oregon. Daniel Lee Hicks married Christy Lynne Green on May 14, 1994 in San Diego.  Christy was born August 31, 1975 in Conroe, Texas.  They had one son: Morgan Taylor Hicks born October 7, 1993 in San Diego.  Anna Marie Hicks has one daughter: Hayley born June 24, 1995.  Anna currently lives in Salem, Oregon.

Danny Joe Taylor was born Febuary 9, 1955 in San Diego, CA.  Danny married and divorced and has one daughter: Danielle Shawn Taylor born July 13, 1979. Danny remarried to Pat Julio December 9, 2000 in Santee, CA.  Danielle married Dennis Hileman and they have a son Jordan.

Gregory Warren Taylor was born September 1, 1961 in San Diego, CA.  Greg married Angela Francis Sanchez-Aldena on June 22, 1991.  Angela was born August 22, 1963 in London, England.  Greg and Angela have 2 daughters: Alicia Michele Taylor born July 24, 1990 and Samantha Jo Taylor born November 4, 1992.  Greg and Angila currently live near San Diego, CA.

Darrin Lee Taylor was born January 10, 1967 in San Diego, CA.  Darrin married Paula Verdegaal in San Diego, CA. on May 9, 1998.  Paula was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Darrin and Paula currently live in La Mesa, CA.