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Kezia (Keziah, Kesia) Lewis Mitchell, born August 11, 1801 near Clear Creek, Shelby County, Kentucky.  Married Edward Talbott Jr. of Shelby County, March 8, 1820.  The couple were recorded in the 1820 census. Edward Talbott age 31.  Kezia Mitchell Talbott age 18.  They were all noted as living next door to Rebecca Mitchell and the other Mitchell children

Kezia and Edward's first child (son) was born about 1821 and followed in a year or two by son James Fletcher Talbott (8).  The Talbotts left Kentucky about 1823 and resettled in Madison Township, Jefferson County, Indiana.  Their daughter, Elizabeth Standiford Talbott was born there in 1827.  In 1828 Edward Talbott died still owning land in Shelby County, KY.  The 1830 census of Jefferson County listed Kezia as head of the household.

Kezia Talbott 28
      1 female between 15 and 19
      1 female between 10 and 14
      Thomas E. Talbott age 9
      James F. Talbott between 5 and 9
      Elizabeth S. Talbott under age 5

The two unidentified girls living with Kezia are thought to be her sister Jane Mitchell (born 1814) and sister Eleanor Mitchell (born 1816).  The area where the family lived was S12 T4N R10E and about 4 miles north of the Ohio River and 1 mile east of what is now State Road 421.

On November 16, 1830, Jefferson County Probate Court recorded the sale of the personal estate of Edward Talbott listing the items: plow, saw, frow, drawing knife, auger, wedge, 2 axes, half-bushel (measure), hoe, whiskey barrel, 2 old barrels, pair of traces, collar, hames, bell & "sundry." churn, bedstead & cord, 2 heifers, cow, bay horse, jugs, wheat, field of corn, cradle [scythe], potatoes, saddle.  Five dollars was also received by Nancy Mitchell, who may have been a sister-in-law to Kezia.

On May 6, 1831, the court recorded that Kezia L. Talbott, administratrix of the estate and guardian of 3 heirs, Thomas E. Talbott, James F. Talbott, and Elizabeth S. Talbott, and collected neary $150 in Kentucky to be included in the funds to be divided in the final settlement.

On October 18, 1831, Kezia remarried to widower Francis Asbury Hite who was born in 1790 and had 6 living children from his previous marriage.  G. Taylor officiated at this event.  In September of 1834, Kezia loaned the $470 of the 3 child heirs for 1 year to John S. Talbott (Edward's brother).

On May 1, 1835, Kezia returned to court and renounced her guardianship over her children.  Thomas E. Talbott, around age 14, made the choice of Francis A. Hite as his guardian.  The court appointed Francis A. Hite guardian over James F. Talbott and Elizabeth S. Talbott as well and in return Kezia had to return the note on John S. Talbott.

In the 1840 census Kezia had borne 2 more children, by Francis Hite: Benjamin Hite (7) and daughter Margaret Hite (2).  Three more children arrived before the 1850 census.  They were Lucy (10), Charles (6), and Alice (4).  The 1860 census shows the death of Benjamin Hite in 1854.  The 1870 did not show the family but in the early 1870's Francis A. Hite had disposed of all real estate.  According to decendent, Charles M. Hite, Francis A. Hite had failed in business.  Francis & Kezia are thought to have then lived in Madison in a house built for them by Joseph C. Hite.  Kezia L. Talbott died October 17, 1876.