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Nathanial Talbott was the administrator of his estate with Thomas Davis representing Thomas Mitchell.  The 1819 May Court of Shelby County sold Thomas Mitchell's belongings to widow Rebecca Mitchell, son-in-law Edward Talbott, Jr., and brother-in-law Daniel Ketcham, Jr. for the sum of $1000.95 in total.  The Inventory of Sale of Thomas Mitchell, Esq is listed as:

Bought by Rebecca Mitchell: silver watch ($6), dining table, large bible ($7), small bible, 1 lot of books, dictionary, looking glass, cupboard and furniture ($24), 4 beds & furniture ($37.50 $25 $17), trundle bedand furniture ($12), cradle & furniture, waiter (tray), lot of chairs, frying pan, tea kettle, 2 ovens, pot, spinning wheel, loom & c., churn, shovel & griddle, 2 trammels (pot hooks), 2 sets side saddle & bridle, man's saddle, 2 hoes, axe, lot of tubs, barrels, 2 sugar chests, sewing table, 2 trunks, flatiron, bundle of yarn, webs of thread, hand irons, 2 plows, 2 pair horse gear, slide, brown horse ($30), red cow, speckled cow and calf, brindle helfer, 7 first-choice sheep, one sow with 9 shoats, 10 second-choice hogs, 11 geese.

Bought by Edward Talbott, Jr.: set of Delft plates, table ($27.25), bed & furniture ($27.25)

Bought by Daniel Ketcham, Jr.: dining table ($10), 4 bottles, coffee mill, 2 sets side saddle and bridle, iron wedge, 2 steers, 10 fourth-choice hogs.  (Daniel Ketcham was also owed and paid in 1830 by the administrator $742).

Bought by Joseph Ketcham: Davis' Sermons (1 vol.), Wesley (1 vol.), Harding's Reports, Wesley's Notes (3 vol.), Fletcher's Checks (3 vol.), 1 lot of books, 2 spelling books, 2 sets of pewter plates, 3 Delft plates, dish & teapot, waiter and dish, 2 pair cards (?), tin sugar box, lanterns and candle molds, 2 axes, holsters & pistols ($6), rifle gun ($11.25), plow.

Bought by others: grey horse ($110), roan mare ($71), desk & bookcase ($35.50), 3 beds & furniture ($37.50 $35.50)