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In 1648 John appeared at Setauket in present-day Brookhaven Township, Suffolk County, Long Island.  He may have been Constable there in 1662 and a Commissioner in 1664 (5).  From there the John Ketcham family moved to Huntington, and in 1665 he was a representative from that town at the Hempstead Assembly.  By 1666 John Ketcham was a lieutenant, and he was 1 of 8 freeholders listed as grantees in the first English patent for Huntington, issued by Governor Richard Nicholls on November 30, 1666 (6).

The Ketcham family moved to Newton, Queens County two years later.  James Riker, Jr. (see 7) had this to say:

"Coming to Newton in 1668, [John Ketcham] was the next year elected constable [Apr. 4, 1669
- p. 422], from which time he was much in the public life and enjoyed a large of popular confidence[candidate for magistry, Aug. 24, 1673 - p. 232, and elected Town Clerk, 1675 -
p.419].  He bought the purchase right of Edward Jessup in the Newton lands and owned the farms now [1852] of George I. Rapelye and Benjamin Moore near Newton village.  His sons were John, who continued at Huntington; Philip, who remained in Newton, and left issue; Lieutenant Samuel, who also left a family in this town; Nathaniel who removed to Westchester County; and Joesph, who settled at Christiana, Delaware."

Records of the land purchases mentioned by Riker have been preserved in Queen County (see 8) and appear as:

Elizabeth Jesop, of Westchester widow ... sells 1/2 salt meadow ... near the mill in Foster's Neck in Newton ... to John Ketcham of Huntington 1 March, 1666, Witness: Jeremiah Burroughs and John Ketcham.

James Lorison sells to John Ketcham of Huntington land in Foster's Neck, bounded west by the Creek , south by Capt. Coe, north to the mill at the head of Foster's Spring.  Witness: Thomas Robinson 21 December 1667.

John Ketcham was a Newton taxable in the records of 1675: John Ketcham, 3 males land and meadows 45, 1 horse, 4 oxen, etc. (12).  Another record: 1694, July 2.  Assignment by John Ketcham senior and wife Berthia of Newton, Queens Co., N.Y. to Thomas Stathem of West Chester Co. of "the within specified Deed." (13).


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