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Even though the Ketchams were residents of Jefferson/Shelby County, Kentucky, Daniel is recorded as the grantee of 2 old Kentucky Grants, of 400 and 1000 acres each (17).  Still, Daniel Ketcham is named as expected on s "List of Taxable Property in the District of Coleman Daniel, County of Jefferson in the Year 1789" with 1 white male (himself) above 21, none 16-21, 2 horses and cattle.  Six years later he was on a "List Of Taxable Property in the District of Coleman Daniel, Commissioner for Shelby County for the Year 1795" at which at which time he owned 5 horses and 30 cattle (18).  Some of Daniel's land lay near the headwaters of the South Fork Clear Creek, on some maps as Mulberry Creek, close to the junction of what is now Routes 12 & 43, 6 miles NE of Shelbyville (Kentucky).

The court of Shelby County frequently mention Daniel Ketcham in the following years.  He was an appraiser of the estate of Samuel Wilson in October 1794 and was the executor for William Boling, whose will is dated May 30, 1794.  On December 10, 1799, he was a witness to a Shelby County marriage.  Daniel Ketcham is listed on the Tax List of August 7, 1800 (21).  In 1799 the Ketchams' eldest daughter married, and in 1801 Daniel Ketcham sold some land to his eldest son-in-law.

June 6, 1801, June County Court, Shelby County.  Daniel and Keziah Ketcham sell to Thomas Mitchell for "30 pounds current money of Kentucky" a parcel of 31 1/2 acres "lying near the head of some of the south branches of Clear Creek, Shelby County."

In February 1801 Daniel Ketcham again appraised an estate, that of William Williams, and in August and December 1804 he appraised an estate of William Redding and David Lawrence, respectively.  The Ketchams were recorded in the 1810 census (Shelby County, 215), and in 1818 made another land sale:

March 12, 1818.  Daniel Ketcham sells to James Weaver of Shelby County for $200 a parcel of land lying on the head waters of South Fork of Clear Creek, 22 acres 133 poles.

In 1827 Danial and Keziah deeded to 2 of their sons the land referred to the following later record:

July 23, 1829.  Keziah Ketcham (her mark) gives her consent to Absolom & Daniel Ketcham, Jr. to sell [to Lee Bird] the tract of land on which they severally live and which was deeded to them seperately by myself and husband Daniel Ketcham on March 1, 1827, and reliquishes rights, etc.