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Greensburg, Indiana. December 31, 189?

I intend to sketch a few lines in regard to my past life and perhaps some in the future.

I, John Taylor, was born in Sullivan County, Indiana, on July 7, 1857.  My father went to the war in 1861.

I never remember of seeing him but once and that was I think in the winter of 1862 when he was home on ferlow --- for hed died in September 1863.

In February 1864 my mother moved to Jennings County, Indiana, where we lived till in October, 1866, when she married the second time to J.E. Sharp in Decatur County, Indiana.  I lived with my step-father till March the 13th, 1877 when I started out for Arkansas in a wagon - we was 32 days on the road.  The man I started with stopped in Dent, Missouri, and as I had no money there was but one thing for me to do and that was to go to work.  I hired to a farmer for 5 months at 13.00 dollars per month.

On the 21st of September. 1877, I started for Arkansas.  I rode 4 days on a Lightening Rod wagon and walked the rest.  On the 28th of September 1877 I landed in Lawrence County, Arkansas, where I had started the Spring before.  I was heartily welcome by my step-brother.  I remained in Lawrence County till September the 8, 1878, when I went to Fulton County, Arkansas.  I remained here till December the 30. 1879.  Then I started for Kansas with my step-brother in a wagon.  We was on the road 28 days.  We landed in Fort Hays, Ellis County, Kansas, January the 26, 1880.

I was kindly welcome by my step-sister who had urged us to come out there but we did not find things just as represented.  We could not get any work for us or our team.  We could not stand this long, our money was going fast.  My sister charged us board from the very hour of our arrival.

On the 6th day of March, 1880, we dumped what traps we had left in the wagon and headed for Arkansas.  On the 12th day of March, 1880, we caught in a blizzard.  We laid two days and nites in it in a sod barn.  On the 15 - day of March the snow had stop falling so we hitched up and and started.  The next thing I took was the measles.  On the the 3rd day after take them my brother succeeded in getting me in a house.  On the 4 day after we was on the road a gin.  On the 29 day of March, 1880, we landed in Baxter County, Arkansas where I remained for 4 months... my brother going on back to Fulton County, Ark.

August the 1, 1880, I returned to Fulton, Ark. where I remain till June 25, 1883, when I returned to Indiana for my bride.  On my arrival at home I discovered that consumption had all ready got his holt on my betroved.  What was I to do?  I had been engaged to her for 3 years.  If I did not marry her it would kill her.  To marry her?  I must for I loved her dearly.

So on July 31, 1883, I was married to Miss Jennie Robbins.  For 6 years we lived happy together just not to consider bad health a fault.  To us were born two children.  1 boy and 1 girl.  On the 28 of August, 1890, I got caught in a steam derrick and had my left hand badly mashed - the thumb and fore finger had to be taking off leaving me a cripple for life.  I was off of duty 2 months.  The next thing that happened to darken my life --- on the 13th day of September, 1890, my little boy took sick and died the 26th day of September, 1890 and on the 27th day of September, 1890, my wife took dangerous sick.  Her grief for the baby was more than she could stand.  Just think of me dear friend with one hand in a sling, my baby - a corpse in one room and my wife in another not expected to live.  She laid nine weeks under the doctor's care.  She got up and run about for awhile but was never well after.  Her baby died, she lingered along till April the 18, 1894, when she died.  She had not been out of her bed for five months only as I had lifted her out for her bed to be changed.

At her death I broke-up housekeeping and boarded for over a year sending my little girl to live with my mother on the farm the 27th of August, 1895.

I bought my brother out -- and on the 1st of October, 1895, my mother and my little girl moved to Greensburg to live with me.  Things is move nicely now but how long will it last, God only knows.  For it seems I was born for trouble.

December 17, 1898
I started to Arkansas on a visit for a couple of weeks.  I stopped off at Terre Haute, Ind. to see my brother.  I resumed my journey on the 18, 1898.  And on the 27 day of Dec. 1898, I landed at my brother's in Izard Co. Ark.  I remained in the settlement for one week.  I enjoyed myself with old friends there.

December the 30, 1898
I arrived in Greensburg sound and well.  I found Mother - daughter both well on my return.

January the first, 1899
I resumed my work for the CCC Salt Co.  I remained with the Co. till Feb. the first, 1900, then I moved back to the farm at Westport, Ind.

Sep. the 6, 1900
I turned my wagon over with a log on it, I going over with the log on it.  Got my right arm broken in the fall.

On January the 27, 1901, my daughter was married to Mr. John Sulkey.

November the 28, 1901, Mother was paralyzed on her right side losing the use of her hand and I am compelled to give up my work and stay with her winter.  I stayed with hur - in March 1903 she improved some and I went to work in the quarry for over a year.  I keep hired help.

On February 28, 1903 I was married to Miss Hannah E. Pease.

Dec. the 1, 1903, Mother took worse and on Jan. the 19, 1904, she died at 3:45