1962 - 1938

Henry J.C. Taylor was born May 29, 1862 in Carlisle, Sullivan County, Indiana.  At the time of his birth, his father Joseph C. Taylor was fighting in the Civil War.  Henry grew up near Westport, Decatur County, Indiana and married Mary Elizabeth Whipple in October of 1901. Mary Whipple was born November 25, 1875 and died June 2, 1964.  Henry and Mary had 2 children: Amy and Curtis.

Amy Crytal Taylor born October 11, 1905 in Westport, Decatur County, Indiana.  Amy married William Fidler on November 29, 1945 and had 4 children: Glenda Rose, Paul, and twins Merle and Martha.

Curtis Countz Taylor born April 13, 1909 in Westport, Decatur County, Indiana.  married an unknown lady but had children: Juanita Taylor, Curtis Taylor, and Ted Taylor.

Henry Taylor was a strong Democrat by political affiliation.  By vocation Henry was a teacher, builder, and a stone mason and carved the grave markers for his mother, Sarah Ellen, and brother, John Wesley Taylor.  The stones are still in good shape. Anne Gibson, a great niece of Henry recalls him working at the fairgrounds in Indianapolis and sending her small toys when she was young.

Henry Taylor died October 29, 1938