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We're quite proud of it, Josh. It's the only stadium like it in the U.S. and no doubt one of the best looking.  Not because it's large - it really isn't and Clemson still tops us in capacity @ 83,000.  So do a lot of others.  But they have all wasted their money. (Coach Bowden's office is just under the score board to the left)  No it doesn't have an intimidating name like Death Valley or The Swamp.  It's friendly.
As you can see, this is a massive structure and extremely utilitarian.  I can see where some universities - well this might be as large as half their campus. FSU did a little something different than other universities.  Stadium and academics were combined.  The stadium is denclosed by University Center - classrooms, a variety of departments and some administration.  Even the sky boxes are utilized year round as classrooms for maximum efficiency.   Yes, it cost $50 mil to build. However that includes a Gothic design to blend with other buildings and to get away from "athletic" looking.  A new 8000 seat baseball stadium to be relocated to the same side of the street.

There are a handful of universities out there that for some reason
are unusual in growth and popularity and get the luck.  We were
one and I think Marshall is going to be one.