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Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

July 28th, 2005
April Taylor
 There was too much crying going on, too much sorrow, too much heartache after Ren passed away. We both had a feeling of hopelessness and there was too much sadness and a huge empty feeling that had to go.

We went down to the Tallahassee Leon County Animal Service Center on Tuesday the 28th and found this baby after about and hour of looking. She's 3 mo. old and was abandoned in a field somewhere in Leon County with her brother 6 days prior to our seeing her. We went through a screening for being good parents and had a bonding time there.

She was forwarded from the TLCASC to our vet at Bradfordville Animal Hospital on Wednesday morning for shots and an examination. Cheryl picked her up at 12 noon from Bradfordville A.H. and brought her home.

She weighs 15 pounds and is 12 inches at the shoulder . Her name is April (from her birth month) and she's a Louisiana Catahoula
Leopard Dog with aCatahoula look but there's a hint of Australin Shepherd. Catahoula's are the only domesticated Native American breed. This breed is in the Herding group of dogs and used to herd cattle & sheep and hunt wild pigs originally. Also, it's the state dog of Louisiana. She'll get about 20-24 inches tall and weigh about 55-60 pounds. but has a full Catahoula look. She has the body shape of a Lab but she has a wonderful marbled coat of black and grey blotches and spots.

Her photo here was taken July 20th and is from the shelter's web site. Her brother was adopted out in August.

April's first night wasn't bad at all and she only whimpered a little in her cage and she took to a leash almost right off. On her first walk away from the house somehow she remembered where she lived and turned immediately down our driveway after the walk. We think she's going to make a fine lady as she grows up.

and April